Spam or not.

Recently I received a lot of messages from WordPress that people have started following my blog. Looking at the profiles I don’t think they are the right place for more information. So I am wondering, are they following me for more information or. Are they here to spam me with offers, I probably not interested in??

You probably know that I am talking about you ūüėČ Just let me know. Leave a comment. I would love to know.

And if you are here not to spam me, but to learn something, then you probably should add my webpage to your favorites or follow my page at Facebook. 

That was my rant for today. Back to “normal” life.

I have a feeling for the last couple of days that I am only been busy with catching up with things. Basically the reason why is because I haven’t done the things I should have done the last couple of days.

The only remedy to change it is by starting to schedule the work for the next 2 to 4 weeks. Have things ready when they should be ready. No more postponing!

Choose your project, split it up in activities, split each activity up in tasks and then split all the tasks up in a daily-to-do list. Start with the end product and work your way up.

Is it really June already?

I have complained about it before and now I am complaining again. Time goes way to fast.  I wish I could tell myself why.

I know it isn’t because I am so busy. Because that is not true. Not that long ago I figured out that I was spending way too much time on watching television, scrolling through my news-feed on Facebook and going through my email too many time.

The time I spend on my email is mainly spend on deleting emails because they are no use to me. I can stop receiving them though, but you never know. Maybe, just maybe there will be something interesting in there what I can use later. Probably the reason why I still have 200 emails un-read, because maybe I can use the content, but not right now. And probably I don’t do anything with it in the future.

Facebook I use as an excuse for my work. I agree quiet often I share posts and video’s to my pages. And being an admin of a group where people have really reading issues (rules can’t be read and I delete at least 10 posts a day). But a lot of time is wasted on watching video.

And TV??? What can I say….. I just need to see all the series from beginning to end. They are so good. And it is only a couple of hours in the morning…… sometimes a bit in the afternoon….. sometimes I just forget to stop watching. Not that I am only watching TV, because laundry, making diner, doing groceries and taking care of the dogs and horses is done in between. But still. Typical case of an couch-potato in training.

I know. I am harsh on myself. But there are just moments that I am so fed up with myself and this is such a moment. I know how I can change, what I have to do to change, how to become way more productive. I love to help others with it. I love to tell others what they should or should not do. Why I can’t do it for myself is a mystery.

At least I started with my blogs today.

Yeah, something productive!!!

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Summer Finally Started

Two weeks ago the weather finally changed from cold and wet and too much snow to warm and sunny. The grass is green again, scrubs are starting to bloom and the bulbs are showing. Last week we had a couple of days with rain, now it it looks even better outside.

With the nice weather the work outside will start too. Already I started riding out the manure over the field. Last year I skipped it and now I have a huge pile. I still have to clean out the paddocks too. I will try to do as much as possible this year and catch up next year. Spreading out to much manure at once only makes the dandelions grow unfortunately.

Second big job this year, or better this month is finishing the fence between us and the neighbours. I started last year with taking the old fence out. Wasn’t very difficult, almost every post was broken off at the bottom. Basically the fence was hold up by the barb wire. I had replaced all the post for exception of 2 at the end. Also the board at the top is all in place since last year, now I have to do the second row and maybe a third one, but that’s not really necessary to keep the horses in.

Third thing I want to do a sap is creating a greenhouse from an old frame of a garage tent. With a bit of hard work I should be able to get it done and still give me some time to get some vegetables growing. Compared to all the work on the fences it’s peanut.

The rest of the summer I will continue with the fence. Work what one day will end. Just don’t know when. 

Nice thing about the summer that nettles and dandelions will start to grow too and this year I want to start to collect them. This year I am going to start with witch activities. Both are extremely healthy and can be used for a lot of things.

For starters fresh dandelions leaves can be used in salads and soups. But the root is also extremely healthy. The plant is filled with potassium, it’s healthy for the liver and the gallbladder and apparently it works great for when you are breastfeeding. Nice extra, after a night out with a little bit too much booze, dandelions help the liver breaks down the alcohol a bit faster and you will be back to “normal” faster. Maybe something to keep in mind??

Stinging nettle is probably also a plant you would rib out of the ground, but from now on maybe you should try them instead of throwing them out. The plant is filled with vitamins C and iron. You can use the plant and the root when you are low on iron, but it is also great for skin conditions, allergic conditions, heavy bleeding and for an enlarged prostate. I just bought a piece of Dutch cheese with nettle in it. It taste so good.

So yes, I am going to collect them, dry them and use them during the winter in tea’s. These simple weeds will help me to get me through the next winter instead of some pills I used to use in the past.

Just one thing. If this is going to inspire you too, don’t take all the nettles. Let some grow so you will still have some left for next year. ALso very important, don’t get rit of all the dandelions when they have their beautiful yellow flowers. They are the first flowers for the bees. The bees need them to get ready for the summer.

Life is in the way.

Yesterday one of my barn cats decided to hurt himself badly. He had stripped the skin on the inside of his front leg. Just above his paw till the top of his leg.  You could see the anatomy of his leg under the skin. He looked like a skinned chicken. Luckily the vet could take care of him right away and today I will pick him up again.

When it happened I went on automatic pilot to solve the problem at that moment. After I went home from the vet, my brain started to work normal again and I realized what just has happened. What the impact would be on my life for the next few day. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem to give this cat all the care he needs, but…

In 2 days I was planning to skip town for just over a week and stay at my daughters house. They are leaving for a 2 week holiday and couldn’t find a dog/house sitter for that period. So I decided it would be a great holiday for me, get a lot of things done and get some peace and quietness. My other daughter would take over for the second part.

All the tasks are divided, everyone knows what he/she has to do while I am gone, the house will be clean when I leave, laundry is done, etc. They just have to take care of the daily tasks without me. No problem there.

But now the daily task will also be taking care of a cat with a wound. Which means changing bandage everyday. And the cat, who is always outside and will be locked up in a room now, won’t be happy.

We certainly have something to discuss tonight….

My 9-5 job

Although part-time, I still have a 9-5 job. Shocker lol. But it pays for getting my business running.

It’s not really 9 till 5. I work shifts. Today it’s 7 till 3. Way to early and not one of my favorite shifts to do.

Halfway the day I really need coffee. I start the day at 5am, leave at 6am, start with sitting behind the desk at 7am. And 8 hours later I move myself back to the car, back home.

My work is not much. Well not for me. I sit behind the desk looking nice and friendly, send them to the nearest washrooms, food establishment or even to the competitor. We are a beginning shuttle company with not much clients, so there is not much activity. Oh, and this desk (compared to the other one) doesn’t have a phone either, so basically I am just sitting here being beautiful and pretending I am busy. No problem doing that.

Recently I was asked to start learning the system we use and start to set-up some things, so I could take over everything in the near future from the present admin. So I did…

Unfortunately they forget to mention this information to the present admin. Everything I start, she takes over. What I put in the system, she changes it to how she wants it. No discussion, not chat, no anything. It’s her way or the highway. My boss tells me that she should back off, but maybe, just maybe it would be handy to mention that to her too. I don’t know. Now this company is paying her and me to do the same thing. Something is wrong in this picture.


I know, it should be anyway. But it get your attention right?

So, all these games are for me another great motivation to keep going. I am planning to be out of this chaos in maximal 3 month.¬†In the beginning I was thinking about not accepting this extra task. Just because I knew I would resign anyway. Now I am over it. I will do the work, set things up so someone else can take over smoothly and I will be gone.¬† I don’t like to be placed in the middle of a dispute I have nothing to do with. Life is to short for that.

No more “external” problems creating even more grey hairs on my head. I have enough of these already. Thank you very much.

A couple of years ago I would not have made these decisions. I would have stayed forever, complained about every thing, and not change a bit. I learned a lot overtime.

Complaining doesn’t change the situation, although it helps for a short time to get the frustrations out. If I want to change anything I have to make the step to quit and take the responsibility which means I will be without some money for a short time. That’s why I created my plan. I made my budget, know what I have to do to keep on track and I will resign in 3 months. It’s on paper and I shared it with you now.

I read a quote some time ago which cut short, said:


“Dreams will become reality when you change them into plans”


Like to know more or like some help to change your life and get your (home) business going? Just contact me. More info you will find on my new website


Organizing Chaos

A couple of months ago I decided to change my life and start doing something which I always liked to do, but never really brought it out and start with it.

It’s hard to explain. It has always been in the background of my mind and I kept it there. As soon as it tried his way out, to move to the front, it was pushed back as fast as possible. I don’t have another way to describe it.

Reason why? I don’t know. I suspect I had my reasons but it is basically a waste of time to stand still with the why. More important was what I was going to do with it, now it is out in the open. I had to decide which steps I had to make to make it real.

My head is spinning with ideas and things to do. That’s the reason why this coach needs her own coach. Or just somebody who will listen to me and help me organize my thoughts and ideas.

Writing down your goals and breaking them down in steps is working well too.

Did you know that you have 10% more change to fulfill your goals when you write them down?

Back in Business

It has been a long time that I have been writing a blog post. Most of all the inspiration was gone. Writing became a must and it wasn’t fun anymore.

So I took a sabbatical, as they call it.

A lot of things have happened. With my family, my animals and me. I will keep it short.

The summer started with a sick horse. Slowly one of my guys lost weight and then also his appetite. We tried to give him all the food he liked and all these months he spend day and night eating grass and all the other food he liked. But it was an unfair battle. His kidneys were failing and after a just over 4 months it was time to say goodbye.

Just after his passing one of my foals, Cornelia, Gracia’s daughter, got stuck in the barb wire with her food. Luckily a flesh wound, but a deep and big one. Twice a day changing bandages, for two months. And still she keeps hitting it and opening the wound.

My children are doing great. We had some setbacks, but we managed to solve the problems and they are all moving forward. I love to see how they are still growing and have become thoughtful and responsible adults.

And then me. After finding a coach, I managed to take a good look at myself and my business. It wasn’t good but I learned a lot. I had to make a lot of decisions.

One of them was making the decision if I wanted to continue with the business to stay on as distributor of YL. I still love their products, but the way the products are promoted by a lot of other distributors isn’t what I think is correct. Some things are just plain crazy and in my opinion they will create some dangerous situations in the future. What I see is that the only thing I can do is promoting to keep using common sense when using oils. To combine oils with other healthy life choices. And that will become my goal.

But more changed. I decided to make more changes and start with something what I always liked to do, but because of several reasons I was keeping myself away from it. Away from something I always been passioned about. Namely educating other people in how to use the Internet. Combined with my own experience (an other word is failures) and knowing that there are a lot of other women and men out there who are in the same situation as I am/was, I decided to become a online business/life coach. I had a lot of education already for this line of work and the past months I have added a lot to it.

I am still learning and growing, but didn’t keep me away from starting my new line of work.¬†


Why are Young Living oils so expensive?

I get this question a lot. “Why are the oils so expensive? I buy my oils at Shoppers/Bulk barn/…(other store).. which is way cheaper. Why should I buy your oils?”

The first couple of times someone asked me this question, I got angry. Which is ofcoure never a good solution to any argument. Then I changed my approach. First, I noticed that most people who buy the cheap store oils are 100% sure that the oils they buy are great oils. Also, a lot of¬†people use the cheap oils just to have their house smell nice. They use it instead of the candles or other air fresheners because someone told them once that candles are not healthy. They don’t use essential oils or other alternative solutions to create a healthier life. They just go for the smell.

Now I just ask them to use common sense and to read the labels. I ask them if the label says that the product contains¬†is just one ingredient, or if there are multiple added? Does the label give a warning that as soon as you ingest it you’re required to call the poison centre immediately? This would already be a give away that these oils aren’t as pure as they are advertised to be.Of course, I realize that some peoples first intention is not always to create a healthier life. But, I can point out that using oils to freshen up the air is great, but if it includes harmfull chemicals your health could be at risk.

Another approach is asking if they use olive oil for cooking. I use it a lot and try to use the more expensive kind as it tends to be of better quality. To save money, I often wait till it is on sale. Most people agree with me that good quality is indeed expensive. When I tell them that you need 4-8kg of olives (approximately 1000 olives) to make 1 liter of oil and that 1 tree only has olives for 5 liters, they start to understand the reasons for the high cost. I then continue to tell them that the same applies for essential oils. In order to make 15ml of lemon-oil, you need 75 lemons.In order to make 15ml of lavender-oil, you need a 27 square feet field filled with lavender. I try to help them realize that it is impossible to produce pure 15ml Lavender oil for only 3 dollars.

Of course nobody will sign up with Young Living on the spot when I tell them this. But my hope is that next time they reach for that cheap bottle of oil, they will think of me. Then I have atleast accomplished that they will start thinking about their health somewhat. The next time I meet them, I can then talk with them again about changing their lives and living a more healthier lifestyle.

That is my goal for now: Making people more aware about what they can change their live for the better

This blog is based on my own experiences. These are my thoughts. I am not a doctor. 

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Ups and Downs

I am a human being. I am not perfect and I have my ups and downs. Some weeks I have more downs then ups. Some weeks it’s the other way around. I am working hard to create a life with more ups than downs. A life that when the downs enter my life it will only be for a short time.

My entire life I have chosen the easy way out. If someone told me what to do or that I couldn’t do it, I accepted that without questioning the reason why. I just lived my life. Of course sometimes I still tried to do what I wanted, but with the first barrier I backed out and gave up. Or left it for “later”. I think that is called procrastinating.

It took me 50 years to slowly change and to see things differently. A couple of years ago I started working at a company as document controller. Something I had never done before. After barely a year I realized that I was good at it and that I was even better than most of my colleagues. That gave me a great feeling and I realized I could exceed in this job. It wasn’t exactly my dream job and after being let go when the economy¬†went down ¬†I had to find something else.

Faith is like Wi-Fi. It’s invisible but has the power to connect you to what you need – Unknown

It was at that moment that Young Living came into my life. Although it took me some years to realize that a great oppertunity was right in front of me, I started to be really serious only 4 months ago. Slowly I started to learn what I have to do and how I can do it. Slowly I am getting confidence that this is my chance and that I can proof to my past that I’m good in something.

So I will reach my goals this year!!

This blog is based on my own experiences. This is not an advice what you have to do to feel better. This is my experience. I am not a doctor. 

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Toxic products

Did you ever read a label on your skin care products or your shampoo? How many ingredients do you recognize? ¬†Do you know all the other ones, especially the ones with names you can’t even pronounce? Did you ever google them? Better not, because if you google them you also find out what it can do to your body.

I know if you ask Google things related to your health you basically die of a heart attack or cancer. The sad thing Google is probably not far off. Nowadays there are so many chemicals in all the products you use that it must reflect on your health on the long-term. I know that it is not possible to control everything, like air pollution or what’s in your water coming out of the tap. But by reading the labels of all the products you use and not only the food labels you can keep yourself healthier on the long term.

That’s the reason why I choose the Young Living products. They are non-toxic, chemical free products and all plant-based. Going through my house you see the products everywhere. I changed all the cleaning products for Thieves household cleaner. I am using Young Living toothpaste, Young Living hand soap, Young Living Laundry soap, Young Living dish soap, Young Living shampoo, Young Living skin care…. and the list goes on. And of course I use the oils. For my headaches, when we are sick, for muscle and joint pains. And not only we humans are using it, the dogs and horses are under my spell too. The dog has arthritis in his hips and for him I bought some supplements to add to his feed. After a few days I already noticed a difference. It will never be better but he did get some extra years on his lease.

Using these non-toxic, chemical-free, plant-based products is of course not the only thing you have to do to create a healthier life for yourself and family. Food and exercise is extremely important too.

Recently I heard about a lady in the US who started to change her life by changing her food and introducing Young Living products to her household a couple of years ago. Her name is Sarah Harnish. She and her husband and children are not only feeling a lot better and healthier, she also started to share her amazing story with other people and convinced a lot of people to change their lives too. Her Young Living business exploded, she helped an enormous amount of people but now she also has the time to relax and enjoy her life and health again.

This is an audio to listen to from her about her life and why she choose Young Living. Let me know what you think of it.

This blog is based on my own experiences. This is not an advice what you have to do to feel better. I am not a doctor. 

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