How to expand your MLM business (2)

A couple of days ago I wrote about the MLM business and how to expand. Today I like to continue on this subject.

At a certain moment I lacked motivation to continue my business, procastenated every action I had to do to find any person who would be interested to sign up with me and was just waiting for anybody to come to me.

Wonder why I didn’t earn a dime? I didn’t. I needed a wake-up call first. And I got it. After putting everything on paper about what I had done, about what I did right now and about what I would going to do in the future I got that wake-up call. Scary almost.

But that wasn’t the only thing I needed to realize. I also realized that I would never find those super-sellers, those 5 people in my first leg. Maybe one or two, but certainly not more. And they would never bring much money in my wallet. That was for sure.

So something needed to change. I needed a different approach. I started with setting up my personal store where people could buy the products of Young Living for retail prices without signing up. Talking with people previously I noticed a lot resistant against signing up and this would be a good solution. As soon as they would start to love the oils and start using more, they would sign up anyway.

And after my first sale I realized what had to change. I need customers. Just people who buy products from me. Didn’t matter if they just bought once a year. If I have enough customers I would earn a decent amount of money. If every customer buy products for $100, then $24 dollar is for me. So if I have 1200 customer I would earn $2400 a month. Not bad. And from that point on I can expand. So I just have to find 1200 customers. 🙂

Does that sound reasonable? Does that sound realistic? 

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