Back in Business

It has been a long time that I have been writing a blog post. Most of all the inspiration was gone. Writing became a must and it wasn’t fun anymore.

So I took a sabbatical, as they call it.

A lot of things have happened. With my family, my animals and me. I will keep it short.

The summer started with a sick horse. Slowly one of my guys lost weight and then also his appetite. We tried to give him all the food he liked and all these months he spend day and night eating grass and all the other food he liked. But it was an unfair battle. His kidneys were failing and after a just over 4 months it was time to say goodbye.

Just after his passing one of my foals, Cornelia, Gracia’s daughter, got stuck in the barb wire with her food. Luckily a flesh wound, but a deep and big one. Twice a day changing bandages, for two months. And still she keeps hitting it and opening the wound.

My children are doing great. We had some setbacks, but we managed to solve the problems and they are all moving forward. I love to see how they are still growing and have become thoughtful and responsible adults.

And then me. After finding a coach, I managed to take a good look at myself and my business. It wasn’t good but I learned a lot. I had to make a lot of decisions.

One of them was making the decision if I wanted to continue with the business to stay on as distributor of YL. I still love their products, but the way the products are promoted by a lot of other distributors isn’t what I think is correct. Some things are just plain crazy and in my opinion they will create some dangerous situations in the future. What I see is that the only thing I can do is promoting to keep using common sense when using oils. To combine oils with other healthy life choices. And that will become my goal.

But more changed. I decided to make more changes and start with something what I always liked to do, but because of several reasons I was keeping myself away from it. Away from something I always been passioned about. Namely educating other people in how to use the Internet. Combined with my own experience (an other word is failures) and knowing that there are a lot of other women and men out there who are in the same situation as I am/was, I decided to become a online business/life coach. I had a lot of education already for this line of work and the past months I have added a lot to it.

I am still learning and growing, but didn’t keep me away from starting my new line of work. 


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