Organizing Chaos

A couple of months ago I decided to change my life and start doing something which I always liked to do, but never really brought it out and start with it.

It’s hard to explain. It has always been in the background of my mind and I kept it there. As soon as it tried his way out, to move to the front, it was pushed back as fast as possible. I don’t have another way to describe it.

Reason why? I don’t know. I suspect I had my reasons but it is basically a waste of time to stand still with the why. More important was what I was going to do with it, now it is out in the open. I had to decide which steps I had to make to make it real.

My head is spinning with ideas and things to do. That’s the reason why this coach needs her own coach. Or just somebody who will listen to me and help me organize my thoughts and ideas.

Writing down your goals and breaking them down in steps is working well too.

Did you know that you have 10% more change to fulfill your goals when you write them down?

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