Life is in the way.

Yesterday one of my barn cats decided to hurt himself badly. He had stripped the skin on the inside of his front leg. Just above his paw till the top of his leg.  You could see the anatomy of his leg under the skin. He looked like a skinned chicken. Luckily the vet could take care of him right away and today I will pick him up again.

When it happened I went on automatic pilot to solve the problem at that moment. After I went home from the vet, my brain started to work normal again and I realized what just has happened. What the impact would be on my life for the next few day. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem to give this cat all the care he needs, but…

In 2 days I was planning to skip town for just over a week and stay at my daughters house. They are leaving for a 2 week holiday and couldn’t find a dog/house sitter for that period. So I decided it would be a great holiday for me, get a lot of things done and get some peace and quietness. My other daughter would take over for the second part.

All the tasks are divided, everyone knows what he/she has to do while I am gone, the house will be clean when I leave, laundry is done, etc. They just have to take care of the daily tasks without me. No problem there.

But now the daily task will also be taking care of a cat with a wound. Which means changing bandage everyday. And the cat, who is always outside and will be locked up in a room now, won’t be happy.

We certainly have something to discuss tonight….

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