My 9-5 job

Although part-time, I still have a 9-5 job. Shocker lol. But it pays for getting my business running.

It’s not really 9 till 5. I work shifts. Today it’s 7 till 3. Way to early and not one of my favorite shifts to do.

Halfway the day I really need coffee. I start the day at 5am, leave at 6am, start with sitting behind the desk at 7am. And 8 hours later I move myself back to the car, back home.

My work is not much. Well not for me. I sit behind the desk looking nice and friendly, send them to the nearest washrooms, food establishment or even to the competitor. We are a beginning shuttle company with not much clients, so there is not much activity. Oh, and this desk (compared to the other one) doesn’t have a phone either, so basically I am just sitting here being beautiful and pretending I am busy. No problem doing that.

Recently I was asked to start learning the system we use and start to set-up some things, so I could take over everything in the near future from the present admin. So I did…

Unfortunately they forget to mention this information to the present admin. Everything I start, she takes over. What I put in the system, she changes it to how she wants it. No discussion, not chat, no anything. It’s her way or the highway. My boss tells me that she should back off, but maybe, just maybe it would be handy to mention that to her too. I don’t know. Now this company is paying her and me to do the same thing. Something is wrong in this picture.


I know, it should be anyway. But it get your attention right?

So, all these games are for me another great motivation to keep going. I am planning to be out of this chaos in maximal 3 month. In the beginning I was thinking about not accepting this extra task. Just because I knew I would resign anyway. Now I am over it. I will do the work, set things up so someone else can take over smoothly and I will be gone.  I don’t like to be placed in the middle of a dispute I have nothing to do with. Life is to short for that.

No more “external” problems creating even more grey hairs on my head. I have enough of these already. Thank you very much.

A couple of years ago I would not have made these decisions. I would have stayed forever, complained about every thing, and not change a bit. I learned a lot overtime.

Complaining doesn’t change the situation, although it helps for a short time to get the frustrations out. If I want to change anything I have to make the step to quit and take the responsibility which means I will be without some money for a short time. That’s why I created my plan. I made my budget, know what I have to do to keep on track and I will resign in 3 months. It’s on paper and I shared it with you now.

I read a quote some time ago which cut short, said:


“Dreams will become reality when you change them into plans”


Like to know more or like some help to change your life and get your (home) business going? Just contact me. More info you will find on my new website


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