Summer Finally Started

Two weeks ago the weather finally changed from cold and wet and too much snow to warm and sunny. The grass is green again, scrubs are starting to bloom and the bulbs are showing. Last week we had a couple of days with rain, now it it looks even better outside.

With the nice weather the work outside will start too. Already I started riding out the manure over the field. Last year I skipped it and now I have a huge pile. I still have to clean out the paddocks too. I will try to do as much as possible this year and catch up next year. Spreading out to much manure at once only makes the dandelions grow unfortunately.

Second big job this year, or better this month is finishing the fence between us and the neighbours. I started last year with taking the old fence out. Wasn’t very difficult, almost every post was broken off at the bottom. Basically the fence was hold up by the barb wire. I had replaced all the post for exception of 2 at the end. Also the board at the top is all in place since last year, now I have to do the second row and maybe a third one, but that’s not really necessary to keep the horses in.

Third thing I want to do a sap is creating a greenhouse from an old frame of a garage tent. With a bit of hard work I should be able to get it done and still give me some time to get some vegetables growing. Compared to all the work on the fences it’s peanut.

The rest of the summer I will continue with the fence. Work what one day will end. Just don’t know when. 

Nice thing about the summer that nettles and dandelions will start to grow too and this year I want to start to collect them. This year I am going to start with witch activities. Both are extremely healthy and can be used for a lot of things.

For starters fresh dandelions leaves can be used in salads and soups. But the root is also extremely healthy. The plant is filled with potassium, it’s healthy for the liver and the gallbladder and apparently it works great for when you are breastfeeding. Nice extra, after a night out with a little bit too much booze, dandelions help the liver breaks down the alcohol a bit faster and you will be back to “normal” faster. Maybe something to keep in mind??

Stinging nettle is probably also a plant you would rib out of the ground, but from now on maybe you should try them instead of throwing them out. The plant is filled with vitamins C and iron. You can use the plant and the root when you are low on iron, but it is also great for skin conditions, allergic conditions, heavy bleeding and for an enlarged prostate. I just bought a piece of Dutch cheese with nettle in it. It taste so good.

So yes, I am going to collect them, dry them and use them during the winter in tea’s. These simple weeds will help me to get me through the next winter instead of some pills I used to use in the past.

Just one thing. If this is going to inspire you too, don’t take all the nettles. Let some grow so you will still have some left for next year. ALso very important, don’t get rit of all the dandelions when they have their beautiful yellow flowers. They are the first flowers for the bees. The bees need them to get ready for the summer.

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