Spam or not.

Recently I received a lot of messages from WordPress that people have started following my blog. Looking at the profiles I don’t think they are the right place for more information. So I am wondering, are they following me for more information or. Are they here to spam me with offers, I probably not interested in??

You probably know that I am talking about you 😉 Just let me know. Leave a comment. I would love to know.

And if you are here not to spam me, but to learn something, then you probably should add my webpage to your favorites or follow my page at Facebook. 

That was my rant for today. Back to “normal” life.

I have a feeling for the last couple of days that I am only been busy with catching up with things. Basically the reason why is because I haven’t done the things I should have done the last couple of days.

The only remedy to change it is by starting to schedule the work for the next 2 to 4 weeks. Have things ready when they should be ready. No more postponing!

Choose your project, split it up in activities, split each activity up in tasks and then split all the tasks up in a daily-to-do list. Start with the end product and work your way up.

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