How to expand your MLM business (1).

When I started my business the first thing I understood I had to do was looking for people who would buy the starters-kit and who would start their own business by finding their own team-members. Because that was how you got the big bugs. Creating legs as they called it.

And of course that would be simple right? I mean, I am not the only one on this earth who would start to love these oils and who had enough money to buy this starters-kit. Right? Just get a few people together and sell the kit. Do it a couple of times a week and in a year you are good to go to earn money while you stay at home the entire day, in your pyjama and just make some phone calls once in a while.

Well, apparently not. After being frustrated for a long time and only finding a couple of people who bought the kit, but didn’t start selling I almost gave up. For a year I have done nothing. Till November last year when I participated in a challenge.

You should look up this lady. Carrie Green. With her 5-days challenge I figured out what I was doing wrong, how I was doing it wrong and foremost that being negative I certainly would never reach any goal because I already gave up even before I started. On regular basis she offers free challenges which can be a great kick in your butt.

More to follow…. but for now:

Stay positive and believe in your goals. Doesn’t matter how small or big your goal is.