Living on an acreage is for me the real life. Something I always dreamed of. Our drive way is 500m long, slowly going up a hill and because of that we have a beautiful view over the Rocky Mountains. I would not change this till the day I die if possible. It is close to town, close to schools, stores, doctor, library etc. We have great neighbours, all with huge equipment who removes snow from the driveway when our tiny tractor can’t handle it anymore, bring up big bales of hay if necessary or just help when you ask for it. The house is small compared to the houses around us. There is a lot of work to do inside but mostly outside but I don’t care. Although it can be frustrating sometimes.

Water comes from a well and is pumped into the house and from the house to the barn. It took some years to get the supply to the barn under control during the winter. Insulation, heaters, heater tape. When do you have to turn it one? Which heaters (there are so many) do you need? When to plug-in? Keeping the water flowing is expensive during the winter. All these heaters use a lot of electricity. After a couple of weeks of minus 20C and lower it went up to 400 dollar. Not good.

Turning them on to late means frozen pipes so no water. One year I had to bring buckets of  water from the house to the barn (glad I only had 2 horses then). I don’t want to repeat that. One horse drinks a looooot of water during the day.

A well means our own and good tasting water but… There is always a “but”. Last summer we noticed that there wasn’t much water left in the well and slowly it went from not much to barely anything. First we had to reduce bathing time, then shower time, flushing toilets, then laundry wasn’t possible anymore. Placing the pump lower didn’t help and replacing the pump didn’t help. We even reached a point that we had to haul water in for the horses. No fun when winter starts.

Because we had to haul the water in anyway, it was useless to keep the supply to the barn on so we closed it off. And then we noticed an increase of water again. We had enough water for showers. Always nice to know that when you use shampoo you have warm water to rinse it out again. Then we had enough water to do the laundry too. Everybody could shower without any water shortess.Maybe we had a leak somewhere between the house and the barn??

But after 2 months of winter it was so freaking cold that we decided to turn on the tap to the barn just long enough to fill up all the troughs  with buckets. That worked great. We still had enough water in the house and we didn’t need to haul in anymore. So we kept on doing that.

Till we forgot to turn the tap off….

No more water. Again. A leak between the house and the barn was now confirmed. Guess what we are going to do this summer. At least we have a couple of months to safe some money because not knowing where the leak is means digging up the entire line between the house and the barn. All 100 meters. Oh, and there is no drawing where the line is too. That’s going to be fun.

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Time management

When I started this blog I wanted to share my life. But thinking it over I realized my life was not just one stream of stories but was divided in 3 parts which were all connected to each other.

First of course I have my family. Married 25 years ago, 3 great daughters and a great husband is part one. I love them all but the taking care of them isn’t much of a challenge. Especially not now the children are all adults (18+), at school or at work all day. I clean the house a bit, do the laundry, make diner and do groceries some times. I have a stake of books in my bedroom (I have to sell them or give them away) which I started last year. I finished them all and added them to the stack on regular basis. No book under the 300 pages. So I read a lot.

Second part of my life are the animals and most of that time goes to the horses. Unfortunately not time spend riding them but time spend on mucking stalls, feeding, repairing and building. I just read a nice post from another blogger with the same “problem”. She is also taking care of boarding horses and got the question from someone if it is fun to take care of your own horse by yourself or if it is better to board it somewhere else. This week the temperature  is around the minus 20 (feels like minus 30). What do you think?? Okay not completely true. Despite the harsh temperatures I still like to do it. (Most of the time.)

Third part is setting up my business (yes MLM is business), trying to find customers, trying to figure out what works for me and trying not to give in into all my doubts. And that is the hardest part.

The 3 of course interact. I can’t do 2 hours one thing, then 2 hours the next, then 2 hours the third.Generally I start in the morning with feeding the cats, taking the dogs for a walk and letting the horses out and feeding them. That takes up my first hour and then I am ready for the oh-so-needed coffee and breakfast.

Till 2pm I can fill in my agenda as I like. Then I kind of repeat the above. Taking the dogs for a walk and feeding the horses. Depending on my mood, energy levels and/or weather, I will muck the stalls and have all the hay ready for the night too. But on regular basis I leave that for 7.30pm when we bring the horses in, because then I have Darya who almost always helps me with everything and on regular basis Frederique and Brandon are doing the water. So yes 7.30pm is round 3 for horses and dogs. Bringing the horses in for the night and feeding them.

So 3.5-4 hours a day is spend on the necessity of taking care of the animals. 3 hours is breakfast, lunch and (making) diner. (I know. I take my time.)  When I go for a run I spend 1.5 hours on running/taking a shower. Leaves me with 6 hours for everything else. Good thing that my business is a part-time job lol.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because time-management is really important part of your life if your like to reach a goal. Finish a course. Finish college. Finish your assignment. etc. I really need to focus on time management. I have my agenda filled in with every half hour of what to do. Otherwise I slip and forget things or just extend my breaks or miss deadlines I set up for myself.

Procrastinating tasks is very easy. For me it just means I lose a day.

If you have the same problem as I have I would say use a huge agenda and fill it in. Don’t leave any blank spots. Go for it. Unless of course you like your life as it is now…..


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For a week now I so can’t find the motivation to do anything at all. Since my 2 day trip with Frans to Banff there is nothing. Can’t get my mind set to start working again. To do anything at all. No blogs, no finishing my e-book I started, no continuing of my course I am doing, no running. And that is probably (as I feel it) the worst part. I eat, and eat, and eat and sit behind the computer and do nothing. Well that’s not entirely true. I am gaining weight. And thanks to the dogs and horses I still move a little bit daily.

I kind of know what the reason is. After working hard for almost 3 months on my website, on landing-pages following advertisements, promoting myself every where, trying to get people interested in a night about essential oils, I still have nothing. No sign-ups, no sales, nothing. It so feels like a waste of time and money. And hearing from other people that they signed up people almost daily….. What am I doing wrong????

I know I have to see this as a learning curve. I know I should not compare myself to others.  I know I am to impatient.  I know it will take time to find customers. It will take time to get my name out there. I have to continue what I am doing.

Consistency is the key to successI can NOT give up!!!  

And I should use my oil blend “Build your dream” more often. And I have to start running again. And the first blog is done now.Yeah!

7 Mistakes successful people don’t make again

I received an email this week from Success with an article from Kimanzi Constable about mistakes succesful people don’t make.

Reading the entire article (link is below) I must say I did do them all. Because of common sense and experience I realized they were mistakes and I won’t do it again. Some I am still working on.

What are these mistakes? This is the list:

  1. Successful people don’t allow toxic relationships into their life;
  2. Successful people don’t spend years doing work that doesn’t fulfill them;
  3. Successful people don’t let doubt and fear dedicate their choices;
  4. Successful people don’t chase other people’s dreams;
  5. Successful people don’t underestimate the power of physical fitness;
  6. Successful people don’t do things they know they don’t want to do;
  7. Successful people don’t copy someone else who is successful.

Personally I think nr.5 is a very important one. 20 Years ago I was so done with my weight and the way I looked that I started running. I still remember as if was yesterday how difficult it was for me to reach that first corner of the street. How I was completely out of breath. How after 3 month I realized that I passed that corner and the 2 after that without any problem. How I got addicted to running and kept on running everyday 6 times a week for an hour. How great I looked (dropped a couple of sizes), but most of all how great I felt.

I could handle any problem without stress, my confidence was sky-high, I never felt so good and happy. I had to run every day (10K) but I didn’t care.I loved it.

And that is the part which you need to be succesful, to reach your goals, to make your business succesful. And that is the part I have to work on again. I want to work on again. I want that feeling back again.

The only thing is, just as building your business, it takes a couple of years before you reach that point. I lost more than 20 lbs last year, just by starting to run again. I don’t have that addiction-feeling YET, but I will get there. And I will lose another 20 lbs this year. While I am building my business at the same time.

I agree that taking care of yourself is the best way to start to be succesful in your business, but also to be successful in your overall life.



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My guys

With my guys I mean my horse guys. They came to live with us 9 years ago. Together with a mare. I bought them for $200. That means I bought one and I got the other two for free. I know, why?? Because I am a sucker for sad stories and I trapped in this one.

This guy had brought a couple of horses from family in Saskatoon to Alberta. Apparently an uncle passed away and had not kept an eye on his horses for years. So the herd had expanded “a bit” and nobody wanted to take care of them. The family decided to ship all the horses to the slaughter-house, except for 8 lucky horses. They were taken to Alberta.

I went to have a look at one of the horses to see if it would be a good horse for Beliana. She could ride it, it was older and it was a good height. But the owner wanted to get rid of the other two too. So he started to tell a story that he had to put them down because he didn’t have the time for them, blah, blah, blah. And I fell for it.

The idea was to spend some time with them, train them and then sell them. Stupid me. The mare was trainable and after 6 years I gave her to friends. Friends of who I knew they would take care of her the same way I would. Because that is my problem. My standards are too high. If you are not as crazy as I am you don’t get them. Simple as that.

The other gelding was trainable too. If you could grab him. After 9 years my youngest daughter Darya is still the only one who can come near him. He still walks away. Not far. Not mean. He doesn’t kick. You can grab his tail and hang on him to stop from walking away. He just don’t let you near enough to put a rope around his neck. He missed the last farrier appointment because of it.

When we got them they were still nameless except for the mare. Her official name was Candy Apple. Because we already had a cookie too (Oreo) I decided to give these guys related names. Toblerone (Toby short) and Reese. I thought it was funny at the time. The horses didn’t object.

They are both in their twenties now and retired. My oldest two grass mowers.


Thieves household cleaner

One of the most favourite products for me which Young Living is offering, is the Thieves household cleaner. It offers so much possibilities and it is all in one bottle. And because it is an oil-infused product without all the chemical sh…stuff (100 percent plant- and mineral-based ingredients, biodegradable and complies with EPA standards), it is also a lot better for the general health. And not only for all the humans in this household, but also for the animals. (Although I have to be careful with the cats)

Thieves contains a combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon bark, Rosemary and Eucalyptus (radiata) essential oils and it can clean everything (that is what I think). I use it in a spray bottle diluted with just water to clean my counters and mirrors, I got an old paint stain out of the carpet when I used it with baking soda, the oven shines again. Do I need to go on?

For ideas:

Glass and Mirror Cleaner:

  • 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 5 drops Citrus Fresh™ essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon white vinegar
  • 3 cups water

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle and shake well to combine. To use, spray windows and glass surfaces liberally and wipe clean with a lint-free cloth.

Deep Cleaning Scrub:

  • 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 2–3 tablespoons baking soda

Combine Thieves Household Cleaner and enough baking soda to form a thick paste. Apply mixture with a clean cloth, sponge, or scrubbing-brush and scour the surface thoroughly. Let sit for 15 minutes, and rinse everything clean.

Overall cleaner:

  • 2 capful Thieves Household Cleaner
  • water

Combine Thieves Household Cleaner and water in a spray bottle and clean sinks, toilet bowls, floors and more.




Young Living has an entire Thieves line with hand soap, laundry soap, dish soap, tooth paste and more. And you don’t need much to have it working.


For me this stuff is unbelievable good. I don’t use other cleaning products any more.


I have never been a great housewife and I am extremely glad I married a great guy who doesn’t have a problem with helping to keep everything rolling. He can cook, and he does almost every weekend. He can clean, and he does clean the washroom on regular basis because I forget on regular basis. He gets groceries, just because he comes by the supermarket on his way home. He knows where to find the vacuum cleaner.

Doesn’t mean I don’t do anything in the house. It’s just minimal. I don’t like to do it, I never have and I never will. And I stopped feeling guilty about that a long time ago. But I know how to use the vacuum cleaner, I do the laundry, I take care of diner, I take care of my children and I take care of the animals. It isn’t spotless in our house. You can even say it is a mess. But it is a fairly clean mess.

I love to do work outside though and looking around you can see I have done a lot to improve things. We have 2 brand new shelters. One I build myself, the other my husband did but I finished the roof. Every where you look you see nice white board fence. Three of my horses have a stall with run out for the night. I have a tack room, insulated and heated (the cat loves it). And I am not done yet. Still have a lot of fence to repair/renew. And I want a barn (replacing 3 small sheds) for my hay and tractor and lawnmower.

But most of that kind of work is done during the (part-) spring/summer/(part-) autumn time. Winter is different, especially during cold spells. Nobody in his right mind likes to be outside by then. That’s why I have my business. Only thing now is that it consumes so much time I don’t have much time or energy left for that dreadful household work. That’s also a reason why that business of me should start rolling. I like to do this. More than I would have imagined, but it is a full-time job by now.

Where is the promise of running a (MLM) business part-time, in your pyjama’s??


There is a lot of information about peppermint. There are a lot of ways how you can use peppermint in your life.

Peppermint is native to Europe but at the moment 75% of world supply comes from the United States. Approximately one pound of peppermint plants is what you need to fill up an 15 ml bottle essential oils. It is extracted from the leaves and flowering tops of the plant by steam distillation.

The cooling effect you get from peppermint comes from the menthol which is a primary component of peppermint. It activates the same receptors on nerve endings that are involved in sensing cold.

So how can peppermint be used:

  • It can help to support a healthy digestive system. It also can help to take away hunger (great help when you like to lose some weight);
  • It can help to freshen up DIY cleaners. Just add some drops to your spray bottle;
  • It can be used with a massage after an excercise to cool down your muscles;
  • It can help to reduce the symptoms of a cold or cough;
  • It can help to reduce pain in your muscles or joint associated with sprains, strains and rheumatoid arthritis;
  • It can help to calm your nerves or calming children with ADHD;
  • Together with Lavender it is a great oil to cool and soothe any itch.

The list goes on and on. I just looked at a couple of websites to find information about peppermint but there is way more out there. Just Google it.

For me peppermint is number one to reduce my headaches. I just put some in my neck and I have the cooling feeling for hours which is generally enough to bring down the headache or get rid of it completely.

I have it in my bag permanently instead of the pills I used to take.



Visit in Camrose

Sunday we (Frans and I) went to Camrose to visit our daughter and girl friend. Both are attending the University of Alberta in Camrose. Both play basketball for Augustana, the university team. Shea is in her last year, Beliana has just started her second year and has still 3 year to go.

Once in a while we visit them and then combine it with watching a home game. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible this weekend because of the market I attended and Frans had to work too.

I was nice to visit them again. We hadn’t seen them since christmas and because of basketball they are always busy with training, basketball games and school. Because of a terrible headache they had to endure the air of peppermint through the entire visit though. But it worked for me. No pills necessary this time. Very proud of myself being an ibuprofen addict.

For an early diner we went to Edmonton instead of staying in Camrose to eat “all you can eat” indian food. Worst place to go to if you don’t train so much anymore as I do. I always seen to manage to eat way too much  at that kind of places. And because I don’t seem to find the energy or time lately I haven’t been running much the last couple of weeks either. Bad combination. Which at the moment is resulting in gaining weight instead of loosing. But that will change again soon.

Diner was good though and it gave us also the chance to meet Shea’s father. Her mother couldn’t come because of back problems. I told Beliana she should give Shea’s mother some of her big jar with coconut oil and essential oils which she uses for her muscles and joints. Funny thing is that Frans told her exactly the same when we left.

Anyhow… what would life be without essential oils. It gave me the opportunity to enjoy the day even more.


Already 10 years ago Oreo came into our life. A birthday present for our youngest daughter. Best buy ever. She is a cross between a quarter horse and a Welsh and has such a friendly character.

My daughter could ride a little bit, Oreo had already learned some things and the two of them just started working together. They had their ups and downs, but they had fun.

She didn’t need much over the years. She got a bit too heavy once in a while, but lost that weight on regular basis too. She only have had 2 real problems in her life with us. First time was when she had inflamed gums and we had to brush her teeth twice a day. And it worked. After a week and getting rid of the hay with the foxtail in it, she was declared better.

Last time she was sick she foundered. Severe. On all four legs.  We used to have a chronologic foundering pony back in the Netherlands, so I have been studying and being to seminars and courses and what ever is possible to learn more about it back then. She has had a swollen ovarian a year ago, so I assumed that that has been the tricker. Hormones are off. So with a lot of herbs (Riva’s Remedies) and essential oils (Young Living) to level out her hormone balance, to fight the inflammation, to reduce the pain and to promote hoof-grow it took her just over 6 weeks to get better again. She is running around (and away when I come up with the halter) like old times.

Horses gives you a lot of sorrow but also a lot of fun.