Already 10 years ago Oreo came into our life. A birthday present for our youngest daughter. Best buy ever. She is a cross between a quarter horse and a Welsh and has such a friendly character.

My daughter could ride a little bit, Oreo had already learned some things and the two of them just started working together. They had their ups and downs, but they had fun.

She didn’t need much over the years. She got a bit too heavy once in a while, but lost that weight on regular basis too. She only have had 2 real problems in her life with us. First time was when she had inflamed gums and we had to brush her teeth twice a day. And it worked. After a week and getting rid of the hay with the foxtail in it, she was declared better.

Last time she was sick she foundered. Severe. On all four legs.  We used to have a chronologic foundering pony back in the Netherlands, so I have been studying and being to seminars and courses and what ever is possible to learn more about it back then. She has had a swollen ovarian a year ago, so I assumed that that has been the tricker. Hormones are off. So with a lot of herbs (Riva’s Remedies) and essential oils (Young Living) to level out her hormone balance, to fight the inflammation, to reduce the pain and to promote hoof-grow it took her just over 6 weeks to get better again. She is running around (and away when I come up with the halter) like old times.

Horses gives you a lot of sorrow but also a lot of fun.

Create an Email List

An email list is an important part of your on-line business if you want to grow and get customers. I am working on creating one and I have already 3 subscribers. Yahoo!! I have set my goal on minimal 1000 for this year so only 997 to go.

So for the next couple days I am going to finish my newsletter which is also a template for the newsletters which I want to send out every month with new information about Essential Oils, how to use them, which you can use and for what, freebies and more. I am working on it for 3 days in a row now. Not only to find the right content but also because the program I use isn’t cooperating. I think I have to find a different approach, because starting over constantly is extremely frustrating.

I want to use this newsletter to build my list. The idea is that is the newsletter is interesting enough people would sign up for it but they would also be willing to share it with other people so they can sign up. And from that interest in essential oils and how to use them, how to find oils to replace common over-the-counter medicine I will find customers. I will take time to find these people but I will get there.

I have to bring out my name consistently so people know where to find me but more important want to find me.

Curious about my newsletter?? Send me your name and email and it will be on his way.

Slowfeeders for horses

Since a long, long time I am feeding my horses their hay in so-called slowfeeders. These nets are not the same as the old fashion haynets with huge holes where the horse pulls out huge amounts of hay and drop half of it on the ground. Also the risks of getting stuck in these nets are way lower than with the common haynets. (Just have to add that you still have to be careful with horses with shoes.)

Slowfeeders are nets with smaller holes and because of that the horse has to “nibble” on the hay to get it out. Or they shake it out because a horse is very inventive. Because of these smaller amounts they get, it takes them way longer to eat one flake of hay (say 10 minutes versus 30 minutes) which makes it more natural for the horse and better for their intestines. And because of that I can give them a couple of flakes and at the end off the day they are just finished with it.

As I said I use them already for a long time. In the Netherlands they were quiet popular already, not so much here in Canada. It took me some time to find a place where they sold slowfeeders which were also of good quality and shipping & handling didn’t cost me a small fortune. I tried out a couple but most of them got holes in it within months or they were just not handy to use.

Now I stick to one brand called NAG BAG (www.slowfeeders.com) and they work great for me. I have different sizes nets but also different size holes. The sizes of the nets vary between able to put 3 or 4 flakes in it or a 1200lbs round bale. I use the small ones for in the stall at night. I use a bigger size, which can hold a small bale, outside when I am out of my big 1200lbs roundbales.

I have a net for these roundbales too. Just over 3 weeks is what it takes 2 horses (14 hands) to eat these big guys and there is really barely any hay spilled or left. What a release after my first big bale without the net. But then they had a beautiful bed where they could poop and pi on and lay down all while eating. 30% probably ended up at the manure pile eventually. The only thing I noticed is that the small versus the “normal” size holes didn’t make much difference. Just a couple of days.

So these nets are not only saving me a lot of money  (certainly when the hay prices were ridiculous high like last year), they are better for their health too. And if you would make it even more healthier, you can hang a couple of nets all over the place so they have to move around. But not everybody can do that. And I can’t just put them on the ground because coyotes love to play with them and tear them apart lol.

These slowfeeders are extra work when you only use flakes but certainly something to look into if you are really interested in a better health of your horse. Or like to save a lot of money on the long-term when you feed these big roundbales.