Chinook and headaches

Living in Cochrane, Alberta (Canada) means learning to live with Chinooks.

I love chinooks. It gives us a break on regular basis from the cold and harsh winter. Temperatures drops from -20C to -2C or even above zero. Despite the wind which goes with it, it’s lovely outside now. Even our little chihuahua, who hates the cold (and the coats and shoes which are going with it) enjoys the outside and starts running around the house like crazy.  Normally in the winter she walks 2 meters, does what she needs to do and wants to be picked up. Now we have to run after her to keep an eye on here.

On the other side for me it also means headaches. Just 3 days of really bad headaches. Because of a neck injury (my muscles are tying up on regular basis) I am not uncommon with headaches. I  have them since I was 12 years old after my horse decided not to take the jump but I did.

A long time ago I decided that I refused to walk around with the pain anymore and starting taking pills. Ibuprofen was my friend and I have a bottle available all the time. At home and in my purse and in my car. I noticed that I started to be addicted to it too. Over the years I went from 1 pill a day to 3 pills a couple of times a day. Not good.

Now I use the pills just sporadically. What changed? I started using spearmint oil. My gosh that stuff feels so good. It is almost hard to explain, but it is as if you have a cold and fresh towel in your neck for hours. It feels so good. And together with oils to relax my muscles in my neck and to take away the pain, I barely grab that bottle anymore.

Do you have headache on regular basis? You should start to try spearmint.

Looking for a natural alternative?

Years ago I started an education to become a holistic vet in the Netherlands. Unfortunately something like that is not offered here in Canada and because we were all busy with starting our new life I forgot about it and i didn’t finish it. Which also meanes I forgot about my passion for the alternative of holistic way of living.

A couple of years ago it came back after somebody placed an ad on Facebook that she was looking for distributors for Young Living Essential Oils. Because I had learned during my education that not every company has good and/or pure oils I started to look around and see what I could find about essential oils sold at the Canadian market. Just a couple of companies had their prove of good quality oils but Young Living just gave me the best feeling.

So I decided to sign up and buy their starter kit to see what kind of oils they have and how good they would do their job. And

And I wasn’t disappointed.

“Young Living Essential Oils empowers you to dodge harmful chemicals, enrich your life, and reclaim your natural radiance. Young Living Canada’s Natural Health Products provide natural options to help support everyday ailments. Not only does Young Living provide 100% pure, quality essential oils, but we’re giving you choices.”


How to expand your MLM business (2)

A couple of days ago I wrote about the MLM business and how to expand. Today I like to continue on this subject.

At a certain moment I lacked motivation to continue my business, procastenated every action I had to do to find any person who would be interested to sign up with me and was just waiting for anybody to come to me.

Wonder why I didn’t earn a dime? I didn’t. I needed a wake-up call first. And I got it. After putting everything on paper about what I had done, about what I did right now and about what I would going to do in the future I got that wake-up call. Scary almost.

But that wasn’t the only thing I needed to realize. I also realized that I would never find those super-sellers, those 5 people in my first leg. Maybe one or two, but certainly not more. And they would never bring much money in my wallet. That was for sure.

So something needed to change. I needed a different approach. I started with setting up my personal store where people could buy the products of Young Living for retail prices without signing up. Talking with people previously I noticed a lot resistant against signing up and this would be a good solution. As soon as they would start to love the oils and start using more, they would sign up anyway.

And after my first sale I realized what had to change. I need customers. Just people who buy products from me. Didn’t matter if they just bought once a year. If I have enough customers I would earn a decent amount of money. If every customer buy products for $100, then $24 dollar is for me. So if I have 1200 customer I would earn $2400 a month. Not bad. And from that point on I can expand. So I just have to find 1200 customers. 🙂

Does that sound reasonable? Does that sound realistic? 

Create an Email List

An email list is an important part of your on-line business if you want to grow and get customers. I am working on creating one and I have already 3 subscribers. Yahoo!! I have set my goal on minimal 1000 for this year so only 997 to go.

So for the next couple days I am going to finish my newsletter which is also a template for the newsletters which I want to send out every month with new information about Essential Oils, how to use them, which you can use and for what, freebies and more. I am working on it for 3 days in a row now. Not only to find the right content but also because the program I use isn’t cooperating. I think I have to find a different approach, because starting over constantly is extremely frustrating.

I want to use this newsletter to build my list. The idea is that is the newsletter is interesting enough people would sign up for it but they would also be willing to share it with other people so they can sign up. And from that interest in essential oils and how to use them, how to find oils to replace common over-the-counter medicine I will find customers. I will take time to find these people but I will get there.

I have to bring out my name consistently so people know where to find me but more important want to find me.

Curious about my newsletter?? Send me your name and email and it will be on his way.

How to expand your MLM business (1).

When I started my business the first thing I understood I had to do was looking for people who would buy the starters-kit and who would start their own business by finding their own team-members. Because that was how you got the big bugs. Creating legs as they called it.

And of course that would be simple right? I mean, I am not the only one on this earth who would start to love these oils and who had enough money to buy this starters-kit. Right? Just get a few people together and sell the kit. Do it a couple of times a week and in a year you are good to go to earn money while you stay at home the entire day, in your pyjama and just make some phone calls once in a while.

Well, apparently not. After being frustrated for a long time and only finding a couple of people who bought the kit, but didn’t start selling I almost gave up. For a year I have done nothing. Till November last year when I participated in a challenge.

You should look up this lady. Carrie Green. With her 5-days challenge I figured out what I was doing wrong, how I was doing it wrong and foremost that being negative I certainly would never reach any goal because I already gave up even before I started. On regular basis she offers free challenges which can be a great kick in your butt.

More to follow…. but for now:

Stay positive and believe in your goals. Doesn’t matter how small or big your goal is.


Lavender as medicine?

Lavender is a well-known plant all over the world. Who doesn’t know the pictures of the endless lavender fields in France or has seen the fields themself. The sight of the fields are magnificent, the smell is relaxing and makes you so sleepy.

For centuries lavender is used in the aroma therapy but also as medicine. Dried lavender was placed between the clean sheets to keep a nice smell and leave the bugs out. When the sheets were placed on the beds the lovely smell helped to enhance sleep and relax. Doctors used the lavender herbs and oils for burns, cuts and abrasions.

A lot have changed since then and the chemical world had its uprise in our household and medicine cabinet or through prescriptions by doctors. The laundry is done with nice smelling soap, if you have a headache or have problems to sleep you just take a pill, there are plenty of over the counter or prescription ointments available for burns and cuts.

But nowadays there is also proof that all these chemicals together with an unhealthy lifestyle (unhealthy food, no exercise, stress, etc) are not very good for you on the long-term. People are developing all kind of lifelong problems like asthma, eczema, thyroid problems, are overweight, or many more problems.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not against the modern products or medicines. But I believe that a lot of products can be replaced by natural products like herbs and essential oils or essential oils-infused products. We just have to learn how to live healthy again.

Young Living is selling a package with 11 oils (this month even 12) and Lavender is one of them. Or you can buy the bottle separately. But you should try it. Really. Diffuse it in your bedroom and I can almost guaranty you, you will sleep a lot better.

I normally grabbed that nice bottle with white pills if I had one of my headaches again (and I have them a lot due to a neck injury). I was addicted to them and over the years I had to take more and more to get the same effect. Now I use Lavender. I have a little container with coconut-oil and added Lavender and  sometimes also Peppermint to it. The Lavender relaxes my muscle and the Peppermint gives a great cooling feeling in my neck. And the amount of pills I take is a lot less, and I mean a lot less than a couple of years ago.

Really you should try it.

Send me a message if you like to know more:

2017 is going to be ridiculously AMAZING

That’s going to be my motto for this year. And I have my goals ready for this month, for the next 90 days, for this year to make it happen.

I am going to do work very hard this year to start earning some money with my business. I am going to find my customers, I am going to find followers, I am going to find all the people who are interested in my Young Living products. I will start small and it will expand this year to way more.

I have 2 days booked for a market, and more will follow. I have written down a couple of new ideas to get people interested, so that is going to help to my success this year too.

I also made a start with a monthly newsletter, and according to my planning that would be send out to everyone next week.

If you are interested in my newsletter about the essential oils/blends and other products of Young Living, follow this link.

I am also going to make a killer landing-page, I am going to make killer ad’s, I am going to post on regular basis on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter so people will start to know me.

Watch out for me! I am on my way.

But that isn’t the only reason why this year will be amazing. My personal life will change too. Last year I already lost a lot of kilo’s (lbs). Beginning of December is was at 14kg (30lbs). Must admit that this holiday hasn’t been good to me. Or better, I have not been good to myself. Lack of excercise and no lack of too much food had brought it down to 11kg (25lbs). But that’s alright. I am going to loose another 10 kilo’s this year (plus 3). Not “much” I have to do: extend the distance of running from 5/6km 4 times a week to 8-10km AND keeping an eye on what I put in my mouth. I also participate in a UA challenge to run 1017km this year, so I will reach my goal for sure.

Second change this year concerns my horses. Instead of only feeding them, cleaning after them and keeping myself busy in the summer with the never-ending story of  repairing fence I will start exercising and training my horses too.

I am going to have so much fun this year.

Let me know if you have any questions about my business or go to my website.

Last day of 2016

A long time ago we moved from the Netherlands to Cochrane (ab), Canada. Our first New Year’s Eve was quiet a disappointment. We were used to parties, champagne, tons of oliebollen, fun programs to watch at the tv and fireworks when the new year started.

We figured out that Canada is different. Nothing on tv except the standard boring movies and games and …..  Looking out of the window at 12 we only noticed dark houses and no fireworks at all. Everybody was already in bed. BORING

At least we still had the oliebollen and the champagne. And for this year we invited some friends too. Still no fireworks. Besides the fact that it isn’t allowed, it’s no fun for the horses either.

Must say it’s the only part I do not really miss. Especially not the fireworks after 1am. Now I can sleep 😁

So what’s left is wishing you a great last day of 2016 and an even greater 2017.

Have you put your new year resolutions on paper yet??

Warm vs cold market

I sell Young Living products. Essential oils, blends, oil-infused products and diffusers. What I always understood is that you have to find a huge amount of people who buy the starters kit and these buyers have to start finding people too and so on. That’s the way to earn the money. Big money.

But…. my problem is that I don’t have family in Canada who I can start with the oils. Or ton-loads of friends to sell it to. Must admit I didn’t ask either. It would give me an uneasy feeling if one of my friends would try to get me to buy a starters kit so why would I turn it around and ask them. I know the oils are good and work amazing but still. And if they get curious they know where to find me. Soooo… no warm market for me.

Leaves me with the so-called cold market. All the millions of people out there who want to start using Young Living products but don’t know yet. How do I make them buy the starters kit??

Slowly I start to understand that to reach these people I don’t necessarily need to sell the starters kit. I have to build my business first. Find people who are maybe interested. Let them know who I am, where they can find me, let them not forget me. They start as customers who buy something once in a while and then maybe will buy that starters kit and then maybe will start sharing and signing-up people too.

I have a long way to go but I will find these new customers. And they will find out who I am and where to find me so my list of people will grow and grow. And once in a while I will find a customer who skips the steps and go for it. Get their own team.

My big goal for 2017. Do I make sense???

If you are interested in my newsletter or  more information just send me your info  (no information will be given away to third parties!!)

Still 363 days to go till Christmas

My daughter made me laugh with this phrase. She also added “and there are already people who have the lights up”. I thought it was funny.

Christmas Day was a nice and quiet day for us together with our youngest. The oldest was in Whitecourt, Alberta with her boy friend. The middle one was in Edmonton with her girl friend. We just have been hanging around, reading, doing chores and some work in the house and for dinner we had cheese fondue (special request of my daughter).

Boxing Day they all come home again. No, no running around at malls for us. None of us like to do that anyway and nowadays it’s hardly necessary. The sales will continue the entire week anyway so why frustrate yourself with walking around surrounded by endless rows of people. “Not my forte” as they say.

So we had a great evening with secret Santa gifts, more gifts and food. Too much food. And too much wine too. But we all had a lot of fun, a lot of laughter and a lot of joy.

And that’s what Christmas is about.

(One of my gifts were nameplates for all my horses and my foster horse) for more information about where I fostered one of the mares.

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